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adv.1.By dividing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Bradley Johnson pulled a goal back for Rovers but Phillips, who scored only five goals last season as injuries took their toll, believes there is a mental edge to West Brom dividually and eople talk about ut self-belief and under Bilic - both individually collectively.
Age at diagnosis, previous diagnosis of infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome, type of abnormal uterine bleeding (Menorrhagia, menometrorrhagia, or oligomenorrhea) were in dividually recorded as the characteristic features.
She states that 'Melanesian persons are as dividually as they are individually conceived' (Strathern 1988:13 emphasis mine).
What presents itself in the context as a telling cultural artifact is Thomas Cole's "The oxbow" (coterminous with the historical time of Huck's story, by the way); this celebrated iconic painting is organized dividually in terms of broken diagonals rather than symmetries and within a compact configuration merges, or rather meanders, the mountains and the lowland, the thunderstorm and the sunshine, the cultivated and the uncultivated.
Nonetheless, we must admit that the various instantiations of our romance, within the bimodal system exposed, were also experienced dividually, but only by a limited group of people: the owners of the manuscripts containing them, the families of the owners, and maybe their circles of close friends with sufficient reading competence, among whom these objects could have been circulated.
Or, again, it is called "intellectual Love," for Imagination having been our theme, So also hath that intellectual Love, For they are each in each, and cannot stand Dividually. (XIV,206-209)
The drug may indeed still be without much substance in constituting the sort of person who is dividually emplaced within kin networks.