Divina Commedia

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Noun1.Divina Commedia - a narrative epic poem written by DanteDivina Commedia - a narrative epic poem written by Dante
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Naturally enough this was a long poem in the terza rima of the "Divina Commedia," and dealing with a story of our civil war in a fashion so remote that no editor would print it.
Alighieri D (1967) La Divina Commedia, Inferno (canti I-VIII).
In his foundational Dante Studies (1954-58), Charles Singleton, explaining Dante's retrospective mode of analysis, writes that it's conceivable-even though he must confess that he does not know if this has ever happened-that a confirmed atheist could come to a meaningful reading of the Divina Commedia through suspension of disbelief (Lapoesia 469).
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Jim Lopez has written a most helpful book for those entering the equivalent of Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia (1307) the law schools in the Philippines.
Ranging from Leonardo da Vinci to the architecture of Gallaccini or Dante's Divina Commedia, writers explore the limitations and the challenges of the visible, with scientists pushing the visual to its limits.
Thus Daneri becomes a parody of Dante and his poem "La Tierra" (The Earth) a parody of the Divina Commedia. His enterprise to versify the entire planet begins by buying diverse properties, diverse and disconnected like the Aleph itself: "by 1941 he had already dispatched several hectares of the state of north of Queensland, more than a kilometer of the course of the Ob, a gasworks north of Veracruz, the leading commercial establishments in the parish of Concepcion, Marian Cambaceres de Alvear's villa on Calle Once de Setiembere in Belgrano, and a Turkish bath not far from the famed Brighton Aquarium.
The year after that, I embarked upon my MA degree, "Die betekenis en funksie van die verwysings in Die ambassadeur van Andre P Brink, met toespitsing op die Divina Commedia van Dante Alighieri" ("The meaning and function of the allusions in The Ambassador by Andre P Brink, with special reference to the Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri").
That lady had been especially active seducing poets and artists, many of whom appear in the Purgatory of Dante's Divina Commedia. There is hardly any doubt that the main sin of these artists and poets had been the openness of their senses to the sweetness, dolcezza, of that Donna, Estetica, or of some real woman, camouflaged as Estetica.
The very first English text based on the Divina Commedia was, fittingly, Chaucer's paraphrase of the Ugolino story in the "Monk's Tale," dating from c.