Divine Comedy

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Noun1.Divine Comedy - a narrative epic poem written by DanteDivine Comedy - a narrative epic poem written by Dante
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During my first year in Venice I met an ingenious priest, who had been a tutor in a patrician family, and who was willing to lead my faltering steps through the "Inferno." This part of the "Divine Comedy" I read with a beginner's carefulness, and with a rapture in its beauties, which I will whisper the reader do not appear in every line.
Criticism may torment this sense or that sense out of it, but at the end of the ends the "Divine Comedy" will stand for the patriotism of medieval Italy, as far as its ethics is concerned, and for a profound and lofty ideal of beauty, as far as its aesthetics is concerned.
"Come and sit by my side, dear child, and let us play the divine comedy of love."
Happily, Foreverland sounded like a classic Divine Comedy record - lush and orchestral, full of big production and even bigger choruses.
The album also features additional guest and backing vocals from Chris Difford, Cathy Davey, Thomas Walsh and Pete Ruotolo, and The Divine Comedy's new UK tour kicks off on October 6.
The author analyzes the films of Martin Scorsese through Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy, illustrating how Scorsese provides visions of hell, purgatory, and paradise.
Saturday - Squeeze / The Divine Comedy / Billy Bragg / The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir
The second thesis of this monograph reflects on the role of poetry in the Divine Comedy, and the author follows the widely accepted view of Dante as a poet-prophet of "the new Christian Golden Age, climbing up Jacob's 'Golden Ladder' that connects the heaven of Saturn with God's own abode to take his seat next to the unfortunate Henry" (235).
Allen Mandelbaum, Translator of 'Divine Comedy,' Dies at 85 [NYT]
The best Divine Comedy songs are often story-based and it was stripped down versions of A Lady of a Certain Age - a song about fading aristocracy - and Our Mutual Friend - a tale of lost friendship and betrayal - which felt like peering into a private world.
For this tos ur, the Divine Comedy is just Hannon, a grand piano and a guitar.
the last two years have been sell-outs, and with the likes of donovan, the divine Comedy and the ukelele orchestra of great Britain (pictured) on the bill, there's every chance of a repeat in 2010.