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Pakistan has expressed its concerns to the international community about Indian divisionary tactics, including the escalation at the LoC and the Working Boundary and the possibility of a false flag operation.
He also underscored the need for elder statesmen, leaders, parents and patriots to continue to guide youths on the path of peace and prosperity while eschewing hateful and divisionary rhetoric.
The petitioner claimed that such organisations are creating social drift and spreading social hatred primarily through hate speeches besides other divisionary tactics, and therefore, called for a ban on such organisations.
He vows to oppose any divisionary move with tooth and nail.
This necessitates a fresh view, with less of the parochialism and myopia of entrenched disciplinary divisionary mind-sets, which aims to examine all available datasets for the absence or not of currency in the Phoenician commercial systems, which is currently lacking.
After 9/11, the AAPI population - notably Muslims, Arabs and South Asians - was subjected to hateful rhetoric, racial stereotyping and divisionary policies.
He said the students already in receipt of any other stipend and the 3rd divisionary were not eligible.
The development regions correspond to the territorial divisionary level, called NUTS II (Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics), included in all member states of the European Union (Sageata, 2008: 35-38).
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