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a.1.Capable of being divorced.
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Murray Rothbard stated the following very important fact about money: "Money is not an abstract unit of account, divorceable from a concrete good; it is not a useless token only good for exchanging; it is not a 'claim on society'; it is not a guarantee of a fixed price level.
The lesson taught to many counselors, implicitly or explicitly, is that assumptions may bias a theory, but a therapeutic technique is divorceable from these biases, and thus can be viewed as essentially unbiased or neutral (Held, 1995; Lazarus, 1995).
Emiliano Soto, who heads the Metropolitan Region Council of Pastoral Organizations, said, "It seems intrusive that he is promoting an indissoluble perfect marriage, and another type of divorceable marriage for other creeds, or a kind of second-class arrangement.
There is also a woman whose life has been defined for the past 12 years by hemorrhages that made her ritually impure, unwelcome in religious company and either unmarriageable or easily divorceable.