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n.1.The person or cause that produces or effects a divorce.
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L'histoire tumultueuse de [beaucoup moins que]Masrah El Hay[beaucoup plus grand que], qui a conduit une troupe ayant a son actif des annees de creation et de continuite ainsi qu'une generation de pionniers du theatre marocain a divorcer les uns des autres, est symptomatique de cette crises la chute.
By providing information about these life changes and impact to insurance, visitors to the site will learn things such as: combining both spouses' cars on one policy can save money, change in address can cancel any possible resulting income from an accident if a divorcee or divorcer is residing somewhere else, or that retirement often means less annual logged mileage, which may reduce premiums.
Gary Lutz, chronicler of unwonderful and morosely moored persons, continues to tickle darkly in Divorcer ("Friends don't let friends stay friends"), which concerns the supreme act of breaking off: "Divorce, I kept forgetting, is not the opposite of marriage; it's the opposite of wedding.
Son engagement contre la guerre d'Algerie l'amena a divorcer du Parti communiste francais (PCF), pas trop engage a ses yeux en faveur de la lutte du peuple algerien.