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A member of a dissenting group of Democrats in the South who formed the States' Rights Party in 1948.

[Dixie1 + (Demo)crat.]

Dix′ie·crat′ic adj.


(ˈdɪk siˌkræt)

a member of a faction of southern Democrats who opposed the civil-rights programs of the Democratic Party and bolted the party in 1948.
[1945–50, Amer.; Dixie + (Demo) crat]
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Southern Democrats broke and formed the separatist Dixicrats ( Leiberman, 2009).
It has been said that the South would never forget what happened 100 years ago, and we are sure paying for it with the bunch of Dixicrats who are currently running this country.
The Kennedys were all too eager to court King and the Civil Rights Movement to gain the black vote, but King was not invited to either Kennedy's inauguration or to his funeral for fear of alienating Southern Dixicrats.