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Noun1.Dixiecrats - a former political party in the United States; formed in 1948 by Democrats from southern states in order to oppose to the candidacy of Harry S Truman
party, political party - an organization to gain political power; "in 1992 Perot tried to organize a third party at the national level"
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Look for the enemies of Medicare, of higher minimum wages, of Social Security, of federal aid to education and there you will find the enemy of the Negro, the coalition of Dixiecrats and reactionary Republicans that seek to dominate the Congress.
If that sounds to you more like the southern Dixiecrats or yore than the party of Lincoln, you understand our concern.
the Dixiecrats, they were Democrats who imposed segregation, imposed Jim Crow laws," he added.
Truman's support for civil rights, a group of segregationists broke away and founded this party, also known as the Dixiecrats.
Remarkably, although President Harry Truman lost four Southern states to the breakaway Dixiecrats in November, he nonetheless won the election against New York Gov.
Liberal hypocrisy in decrying Nixon's "Southern Strategy"' after a century of liberal collusion with Dixiecrats denying Southern Negroes their civil rights, does not cease to amaze.
Conservatives, mainly Dixiecrats and Republicans in Congress have a long history of nullifying social and economically based legislation by using racial tactics to appeal to white voters.
New racial discourses were in play in 1948, whether in the modestly progressive terms of the social problem genre or the strident reaction of the Dixiecrats.
Getting himself elected is a different story, with black freedom fighters threatening to withdraw their support every time Johnson makes a concession to the Dixiecrats.
38) This disagreement within the party reached its apogee in 1948, when the Dixiecrats broke off and ran their own candidate, Strom Thurmond, for President.
Right after the Emancipation Proclamation what was going on down in the Southern states is very clear, that the Dixiecrats wanted to disarm black people to keep us from defending ourselves against the Klansmen who were murdering white and black Republicans to control the ballot box.
The brisk movement of Frank's narrative sometimes elides complicated debates; it is far from obvious, for instance, that Senator Lyndon Johnson could simply have mandated stronger civil rights legislation in 1957 given the preponderance of Dixiecrats in his caucus.