v. t.1.To make dizzy; to astonish; to puzzle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He was also an exceptional horn player who spent a lot of time at the Kingston Mines, and traveled the country with the likes of Lefty Dizz and Koko Taylor, among other blues legends.
Ultimately, that volatility becomes a sort of insanity: Coverdale feels "dizz [ied]" by "such fermentation of opinions as was going on in the general brain of the Community" (3: 140).
This was a few years before Tierra Whack started going by Dizzle Dizz, or Working on Dying were teaching each other how to make beats in a northeast Philly basement--we all still thought of Philly as a battle place, but that was the exact world that made those younger artists get weird.
Roots, Let Them Talk, Watkin's Rag, Andy's Bad, When I Get Home, Used To It, Big C Blues, The Dizz Rag plus bonus track Maudie.
King, Big Jack Johnson, Lefty Dizz, Albert King, and Buddy Guy, as well as rock 'n' roll legends Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and Eddie Hazel.
The first dog was Grizz Lee, followed by Dizz Lee, both Wheaten Terriers.
He was hanging out with friends including RICHARD BRANSON's son SAM, 26, and sporting a cap with the word "dope" on it - you couldn't be more right, Dizz!
Does Dizz give a xx?DIZZEE Rascal snubbed the 2010 Barclaycard Mercury Prize by not performing on the night and skipping the winner's announcement to party at the GQ Awards.
Next month's TOPCIMA paper will focus on a fictitious mobile phone company called Dizz, but it's worth remembering that the industry chosen by the examiners is only a context.
Heat 4: 1 Kilmacow, 2 Stringers Tap, 3 Rhythm Man, 4 Baltic Mover, 5 Bua Stewart, 6 Hi Dizz (m).
Saturday: Dizz "Honeybear" Watson at the Orange Studio at midday (free) and the UK preview of a film called My Name Is Albert Ayler at the Electric at 6.30pm (pounds 4-10).