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(Placename) the former spelling of Jambi


or Djam•bi

(ˈdʒɑm bi)

1. a province on SE Sumatra, in W Indonesia.
2. Formerly, Telanaipura. a river port in and the capital of this province. 339,944.
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During periods of lower sea level this area was continuous land drained mainly by a single great river system, now represented by several large rivers separated by shallow oceanic gaps including the Mekong, Chao Phraya, Meklong and Tapi on the mainland, Kapuas of western Borneo, and Djambi and Batang Hari of Sumatra.
The Residencies reported on included "Tapaneoli, Benkoolen, Lampungs, Palembang, Djambi, Oostkust Sumatra, Atjeh, Riouw, Banka, Billiton, W.
They established four factories at the mouths of the rivers in Sumatra and Dutch Borneo |at Djambi, Bandjermasin, Palembang and Rengat~, but owing to this |barter trade~ competition in Singapore they were not able to carry on and actually closed down two years ago |in 1931~.