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Noun1.Djanet - a desert town in southeastern Algeria
Algeria, Algerie, Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea with a population that is predominantly Sunni Muslim; colonized by France in the 19th century but gained autonomy in the early 1960s
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11), did not find neutralizing antibodies reactive to SFSV in human serum from the Algerian populations of Tamanrasset and Djanet.
Revenant sur la derniere prestation, en plein desert, du cote de Djanet, Bouazzara, emu, a affirme que ces sorties, a longueur d'annee, ont permis au public algerien de decouvrir que [beaucoup moins que] nos musiques variees du terroir peuvent avoir une ecriture symphonique [beaucoup plus grand que].
In the photo above from left to right: George Boyd (Nova Scotia), Patricia Darbasie (Edmonton), David Edgecombe (Virgin Islands), Ahdri Zhina Mandiela (Toronto), Imamu Amiri Baraka (USA), Djanet Sears (Toronto, George Elliott Clarke (Nova Scotia) and Andrew Moodie (Toronto).
Algerian military leaders met in Djanet to discuss ANP preparedness for possible security problems along the border with Libya, El Khabar reported on Tuesday (March 29th).
Testifyin': Contemporary African Canadian Drama, Volume II, Djanet Sears, Ed.
The national tourism plan was especially focusing on the Sahara region of Tassili and Djanet, but also on the building of coastal resorts along Algeria's long and spectacular Mediterranean coast.
In January 2002, local people took to the street to demand work and housing, protest against chronic water and local transport shortages, and call for the resignation of local officials because of graft and incompetence - in the southern towns of Djanet and Sidi Slimane and in Bordj Bou Arreridj, Souk Ahras, Tebessa and Annaba in the east.
The supposed reason for the trip is the author's interest in viewing the famous ancient rock paintings of Djanet.
Le depot sectoriel de carburants relevant du secteur operationnel Sud-Est de l'Armee nationale populaire (ANP) de Djanet (wilaya d'Illizi) a ete baptise, hier, du nom du chahid Titi Atkakem, indique un communique de la 4e Region militaire.
According to the Algerian daily, El Mihwar, a top-level Algerian army security meeting last week called for the erection of a fence all the way fromnearGhadames to the town of Djanet near the southwest Libyan border town Ghat.
Djanet Sears's play, Harlem Duet (1998), and Walter Borden's Tightrope Time (1985) are likewise, in different ways, rampagingly allusive, deconstructing libraries of twentieth-century black political thought.
Timadit Al Mels, Frynchman and Djanet Monlau are three others also rated over 100 and one of the strongest Al Maktoum Challenge fields is likely to kick-start Super Saturday action with a thrilling finish.