Dmitri Shostakovich

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Noun1.Dmitri Shostakovich - Russian composer best known for his fifteen symphonies (1906-1975)
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A new landmark event within joint cultural project between PAO Gazprom and Austrian OMV AG the theatrical gala performance Imperial Capitals: Saint Petersburg Vienna: Symphony of Letters and Poems took place today at the Grand Hall of Dmitry Shostakovich St.
Even though the Smetana Trio primarily focus on performing Romantic pieces, their latest CD features works by two towering figures of 20th-century music: Maurice Ravel and Dmitry Shostakovich.
Manuscripts by Russia's Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Sergei Rachmaninov and Dmitry Shostakovich are widely represented in the archive.
A frustrated writer at the beginning Petya is jealous of the success of his neighbor Dmitry Shostakovich.
Code, Quotation and Collage: Some Musical Allusions in the Works of Dmitry Shostakovich.