DNA microarray

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DNA mi·cro·array

An orderly arrangement of DNA sequences on a small solid support, usually a membrane or glass slide, used to quickly survey the simultaneous expression of many genes. Also called DNA chip.
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To fully automate the readout of genotypes, the current efforts focused on optimizing the computational software to work in conjunction with the system's optics to evaluate the intensity of the hybridization spots on the DNA array and to report the genotypes at multiple loci.
The basic premise for any DNA array is that each probe is designed to target a specific DNA sequence in the sample being analyzed, providing information such as the presence, absence, or copy number of that sequence.
Seeman says that the creation of this device enhances his earlier work-a single nanorobotic arm he completed in 2006, marking the first time any scientist had been able to employ a functional nanotechnology device within a DNA array.
When a protein from the sample under test sticks to the biochip DNA array, the attachment distorts the underlying polymer molecules, changing their optical properties and making them fluoresce.
The assay combines the specificity obtained by enzymatically labeling DNA probes with the potential for detecting several targets simultaneously by using DNA array hybridization.
Marina Del Rey, CA; 310-306-9310), a leading developer of software solutions for microarray research, was granted United States Patent 6,349,144 for Automated DNA Array Segmentation and Analysis.
Towards an innovative DNA array technology for detection of pharmaceuticals in reclaimed water.
The procedure is as follows: blood samples are shipped to a central laboratory, where DNA is analyzed with the first CE-marked (approved for sale in the European Community) DNA array for in vitro diagnosis in Europe.
The main beneficiaries of this rapid growth have been two companies, Affymetrix and Agilent Technologies, which together account for a dominant share of the DNA microarray market due to their DNA array chip product lines.
The purposes of the present study, therefore, were to develop a DNA array to identify new FH patients in the Spanish population who carry known LDLR mutations; to evaluate the specificity and sensitivity of the array, using previously genotyped DNA samples; and to determine the performance of the FH array in large-scale population screening studies.
San Diego, CA 8/19/04--Illumina and Applera have settled two lawsuits stemming from a November 1999 joint development agreement to develop, manufacture and market high-throughput DNA array systems (see IBO 11/15/99) based on Illumina's BeadArray technology and the ZipCode chemistries of Applied Biosystems.
DNA Array Deal-Making is Slowing DNA Array Related Deals 2000 2001 2002 * Affymetrix 20 12 5 Agilent Technologies 6 9 2 Incyte 6 8 0 Luminex 7 7 2 Lynx Therapeutics 5 7 0 Genicon Sciences 0 4 0 Genomic Solutions 2 4 3 Nanogen 12 4 6 Qiagen 3 4 2 Subtotal 61 59 20 * Through July Source: Cambridge Healthtech Institute ** Changes in the use of microarrays are reflected in the fewer number of business deals that are now occurring