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Noun1.Dnipropetrovsk - city in east central Ukraine on the Dnieper River; center of metallurgical industry
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WindRose Aviation earlier this month added new scheduled charter service to Turkey, which sees the airline schedules Dniepropetrovsk - Bodrum route.
Zhuk, Rock and Roll in the Rocket City: The West, Identity, and Ideology in Soviet Dniepropetrovsk, 1960-1985 (Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2010).
Oligarch Igor Kolomoyskiy, the pro-Ukraine governor of Ukraine's Dniepropetrovsk region, was specially targeted.
Rebellion spreads Thousands of activists meanwhile laid siege to local government offices in four Ukrainian cities, including the eastern hub of Dniepropetrovsk, Sumy in the northeast and Zaporizhya in the southeast that have in the past been sympathetic to Yanukovych.
Die Absolventen arbeiteten als Lehrkrafte an den Hochschulen in Bonn, Danzig, Dniepropetrovsk, Dresden, Gottingen, Irkutsk, Iwanowo-Wosnesensk, Karlsruhe, Kaunas, Kiew, Lwow, Moskau, Sankt Petersburg, Tallin, Tomsk, Warschau, Vilnius and viele an der Universitat Lettlands, die 1919 gegrundet wurde (RIgas ...
Rock and roll in the Rocket City; the West, identity, and ideology in Soviet Dniepropetrovsk, 1960-1985.
Most (>57%) occupied the Lugansk region, almost 23.5% the Donetsk region, >9.4 % in Dniepropetrovsk, and the remaining few were in other regions (Table 6).
Dniepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport, Ukraine