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A Doberman pinscher.
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Noun1.Doberman - medium large breed of dog of German origin with a glossy black and tan coatDoberman - medium large breed of dog of German origin with a glossy black and tan coat; used as a watchdog
pinscher - any of three breeds of dogs whose ears and tail are usually cropped


[ˈdəʊbəmən] N (also Doberman pinscher) → dóberman m


[ˈdəʊbərmən] n (= dog) → doberman m

Doberman (pinscher)

nDobermann(pinscher) m


[ˈdeʊbəmən] n (also Doberman pinscher) → dobermann m inv
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CUTLINE: Veterinary technician Michelle Crotty of Sutton watches as Cheyenne, her 7-year-old Doberman pinscher, looks for a treat from Dr.
For an entry form contact RICS North-east events co-ordinator Sue Doberman on 0191 221 0359 or email
A FAMILY pet Doberman has been given a reprieve from being put down after biting two men and another dog.
A DOBERMAN that won its class at Crufts has been battered to death in a break-in at its owner's home.
After years of being mistreated, the doberman finally found a foster home only to fall sick and require over a pounds 1,000 worth of veterinary treatment.
The family's doberman called Slynn apparently lunged at the little girl who has been named only as Hope.
Doberman dog Jackson's barks alerted Margaret Shields, 55, and Joanne Barker, 60, of Abbey Drive, Gronant, that their evening meal was going up in flames.
He arrived from Lingfield too late to see Doberman's 25-1 win in the extended one-mile claimer and then had the strongly fancied Western Rainbow narrowly beaten by Ichi Beau in the finale.
Narcoleptic dogs, mainly Doberman pinschers, have served as a model of the condition since the 1970s.
wrote to selectmen that her Doberman was attacked and bit in the neck this past June.
About 20 years ago we thought we would like a Doberman as a pet but also as a guard dog for our home.
A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said officers were investigating how the child came to be injured by the Doberman.