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(Bulgarian ˈdɔbrudʒa)
(Placename) a region of E Europe, between the River Danube and the Black Sea: the north passed to Romania and the south to Bulgaria after the Berlin Congress (1878). Romanian name: Dobrogea


(ˈdoʊ brʊ dʒə)

a region in SE Romania and NE Bulgaria, between the Danube River and the Black Sea. 2970 sq. mi. (7690 sq. km). Romanian, Do•bro•gea (ˈdɔ brɒˌdʒɑ)
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In April 2019 the prices of the following food products decreased: bread "Dobrudzha" - by 0.1%, type and rye bread - 1.1%, cattle meat - by 1.4%, lamb meat - by 0.3%, fresh and chilled fish - by 0.6%, low fat milk - by 0.1%, eggs - by 1.6%, milk oils - by 0.9%, cucumbers - by 20.5%, leafy vegetables - by 5.1%, lentils - by 0.2% spices - by 1.3%, ice cream - by 1.8%, cocoa - by 0.7%, wines - by 0.3%, beer - by 0.4%, and others.
The Lions gaffer snapped up the midfielder, 23, on a two-year deal from Dobrudzha Dobrich.
DUND DUND DUNDEE EE IN- N- Kostadin Gadzhalov - Kostadin Gadzhalov (Dobrudzha Dobrich), Alex (Dobrudzha Dobrich), Alex Harris (Hibs, loan), Martin Boyle Harris (Hibs, loan), Martin Boyle (Hibs, loan), Stephen McGinn (Hibs, loan), Stephen McGinn (Sheffield Utd), Ben Priest (Sheffield Utd), Ben Priest (Wolves), Paul Heffernan (Hibs).
Rousse was at that time the centre of the Dobrudzha revolutionary movement that opposed the Romanian occupation of Dobrudzha--a province in Northeast Bulgaria that the Kingdom of Romania reverted to the Kingdom of Bulgaria under the 1940 Treaty of Craiova.
The public was especially worried about the fact that most of the gas exploration was to take place in the Dobrudzha region, which is Bulgaria's main grain producer.
The Treaty of Bucharest of 10 August 1913 confirmed Bulgaria's defeat and the loss of Macedonia to Greece and Serbia and the fertile agricultural region of southern Dobrudzha (English: Dobruja, Romanian: Dobrodgea) to Romania.
German wind farm developer PNE Wind AG (ETR:PNE3) announced Tuesday it has agreed to set up a joint venture with Bulgarian wind park Dobrudzha OOD.
Four or five tarballs about 1-5 cm in size, with specific consistency and petroleum odour were found on the central beach in Dobrudzha campsite in Shabla.
DUND DUND DUNDEE EE IN- N- Kostadin Gadzhalov - Kostadin Gadzhalov (Dobrudzha Dobrich), Alex (Dobrudzha Dobrich), Alex Harris (Hibs, loan), Martin Harris (Hibs, loan), Martin Boyle (Hibs, loan), Stephen Boyle (Hibs, loan), Stephen McGinn (Sheffield Utd), Ben McGinn (Sheffield Utd), Ben Priest (Wolves), Paul Priest (Wolves), Paul Heffernan (Hibs).
Contract notice: "supply of second-hand silage harvester and accessories to it, For the needs of" dobrudzha agricultural institute - gen.
In the evening, precipitations in Eastern Bulgaria, too, mostly rain, in the Ludogorie and Dobrudzha a rain and wet snow.
Center - jewish cemeteries and modification of a street regulation plan (ipur) at the intersection of antim i, Dobrudzha krai, Marko balabanov, Father paisii and three ears, Vazrajdane district, Sofia municipality.