n.1.(Zool.) The European dace.
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global_void_cuda_Pya(double*d_Qx, double *d_Qz, double *d_Pya, double *d_Pya_prev, double *d_GyD, dobule *d_GyL, double *d_Source, int i_Time, int numBlocksX) { double f, QzHuyg1, QzHuyg2; int ix, iy, iz,i,j,k,ii,jj,kk,n,iBlocks_x; const int stride_x = blockDimX; const int stride_y=xdim; const in stride_z=xdim*ydim; __shared__ double sh_Qx [blockDimY][blockDimX][blockDimZ]; __shared__ double sh_Qz [blockDimY][blockDimX][blockDimZ]; __shared__ double sh_prev [blockDimY][blockDimX][blockDimZ]; __shared__ double sh_GyD [blockDimY][blockDimX][blockDimZ]; __shared__ double sh_Gyl [blockDimY][blockDimX][blockDimZ]; for(iBlocks_x=0; iBlocks_x<numBlocksX; iBlocks_x++) { ix = threadIdx.
Ellington Hawks gained three points in their quest for promotion from Division Five when they defeated Throckley Magpies through a John McNeil dobule and Mitchell Sexton.
UPS Microtek or Intex Dobule Battery 1000VA having backup of Vi hour.
Tenders are invited for Renovation of Skill lab, Lecture hall, Library, Nutrition lab, Kitchen Staff Room Computer Room and Dobule rooms, Toilets at ANMTC Distt.