docking station

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dock·ing station

1. A device to which a laptop or notebook computer can be attached to provide easy access to a power supply and a collection of peripherals that are typically connected to desktop computers.
2. A plug-in device with built-in speakers to which a portable media player can be attached, allowing audio files to be played out loud. In both senses also called dock.

docking station

(Electronics) a device used to connect one appliance to another, esp a portable computer and a desktop computer, to make use of its external power supply, monitor, and keyboard, esp to enable the transfer of data between the machines

dock′ing sta`tion

a small desktop cabinet, usu. containing disk drives and ports for connection to peripherals, into which a laptop may be inserted so as to give it the functionality of a desktop computer.
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purchase two laptops with a dock connector, including the dock and 1 office notebook and accessories according to the technical specifications listed in "Annex no.
Considering the backlash when Apple replaced the 30-pin dock connector with Lightning on the iPhone 5, however, Apple may wish to avoid another public relations scandal, even if the new connector would work with Android chargers.
The refresh brought the lightning dock connector and the faster A6X processor upgrade to the 9.
The top-of-the-line model is the $100 Peak 6000, which can charge devices three ways: through an Apple dock connector, a micro USB connector or a USB port.
Summary: Harman House has announced the Middle East launch of the JBL OnBeat Micro, the world's first speaker dock specifically designed for Apple devices bearing the new Lightning dock connector port.
Harman House, a leading retail chain in infotainment, has revealed the Middle East launch of the world's first ever speaker dock that has been specifically designed for Apple devices bearing the new Lightning dock connector port.
Apple also annoyed some customers by updating the full-sized iPad with a new processor and dock connector that is incompatible with most accessories currently available, the report said.
Apple is also replacing the 30-pin dock connector with the new, smaller "Lightning" connector introduced with the iPhone 5 a month ago.
The patent-pending PH-1 accessory plugs into the standard Apple dock connector and uses a Sensorex pH electrode to measure pH with accuracy to.
And the company insists its eight-pin Lightning dock connector is smaller, stronger and better than before.
Also expected: a smaller dock connector in the phone's base, and presumably an adapter plug to let the phone make use of existing peripheral devices.
have a 4-inch screen, metal back and 9-pin dock connector.