Doctor of Humanities

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Noun1.Doctor of Humanities - an honorary degree in the humanities
honorary degree, honoris causa - a degree conferred to honor the recipient
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Her degree is an honorary Doctor of Humanities from some obscure religious organization.
District Judge Michael Hogan will give the commencement address and will receive an honorary doctor of humanities degree for his "ethical leadership in United States courts and his devoted Christian service as a Bible study leader and advocate for youth."
In 1985, Utah State University bestowed a doctor of humanities degree on Emma Eccles Jones for her developmental work in early childhood education and for her efforts to train a new generation of teachers.
Rupeikait?-Mariniuk, a doctor of humanities (art criticism), associate professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, won a competition organized by the Ministry of Culture in March for a five-year term of office as the director of the State Gaon Jewish Museum.
He will receive the Honorary Doctor of Humanities during Judson's 10 a.m.
He received an honorary doctor of humane letters degree from South Carolina in 1999, and in 2010 was given an honorary doctor of humanities in medicine degree from Baylor College of Medicine.
Villar was also recipient of a number of honorary degrees, including the Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Development from the University of Southern Mindanao, and Doctor of Humanities from Bataan Peninsula State University and Tarlac Agricultural University.

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