adv.1.In the manner of a doctor.
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With growing enrollments and a shortage of doctorally qualified faculty in accounting, the help that an EIR can bring to an accounting program is substantial.
Two experienced clinical nurses formed a team with two doctorally prepared nurses to focus on nurse education related to pain communications.
Nurses may be academically prepared at a variety of levels ranging from diploma to doctorally prepared.
Many nurses are prepared now at the graduate diploma and masters level and many medicos also seek post-graduate training through their speciality colleges or university programs, it is still relatively unusual to see more than only one or two doctorally prepared professionals in the healthcare services themselves (Morgan and Somera 2014).
Doctorally prepared nurses will play a pivotal role in the transformation of the profession.
Test item construction was evaluated by a doctorally prepared nursing faculty member and revised accordingly.
We welcomed the report's recommendations, and focused our attention on RN and APRN practice; advancing the education of entry-level nurses to the BSN and higher; and increasing the number of doctorally prepared nurses.
Furthermore, the nursing colleges need to raise compensation levels to attract more new faculty members who are doctorally prepared RNs and APRNs.
We are hoping to gain a better understanding of barriers to obtaining a doctoral degree and working as a doctorally prepared nurse in Georgia.
As a future doctorally prepared nurse scientist, I am passionate about IOM recommendation #7, that in order to advance the future of nursing, there must be a substantial effort to "prepare and enable nurses to lead change to advance health" (IOM, 2011, p.
Salary and benefit packages for educators must be reflective of the knowledge and skill of doctorally prepared individuals.
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