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(ˈdɒk təˌroʊ)
E(dgar) L(aurence), born 1931, U.S. novelist and editor.
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Noun1.Doctorow - United States novelist (born in 1931)
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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is delighted to welcome Cory Doctorow, a pioneering international commentator on internet and digital technology, for a lunchtime PrivacyLive forum.
Doctorow strongly relied on his knowledge of psychoanalytic and trauma criticism to carry out his final project and create the figure of a traumatized narrator and protagonist who obsessively needs to escape from binary thinking.
INFORMATION DOESN'T WANT TO BE FREE: Laws for the Internet Age by Cory Doctorow.
Doctorow (1931-2015) se convirtio en un grande de la literatura contemporanea gracias a novelas historicas como Ragtime (1975) o Billy Bathgate (1989), que mezclan una reconstruccion minuciosa y verosimil de una epoca y un lugar de los Estados Unidos--El libro de Daniel (1971) trata del caso Rosenberg en los anos cincuenta, La gan marcha (2005) se situa en los anos finales de la Guerra de Secesion--con una libertad enorme para insertar alli personajes de ficcion y auscultar a traves de ellos el corazon de ese periodo.
Birgit Spengler then takes up matters of texts, intertexts, pre-texts, and sequels in "A Tale Told Thrice: Hawthorne, Doctorow, and the Intertextual Imagination.
Doctorow was a significant person in the life of Norman Mailer.
Doctorow, the author of historical novels that were adapted into feature films including "Billy Bathgate," "Daniel" and "Ragtime," died July 21 in Manhattan.
Because as Doctorow delves into the history of copyright law and digital locks later on, I found myself rapt and in pretty close alignment with his assessment of how negatively those locks affect us broadly--culturally, societally.
In addition to producing Prometheus Award-winning novels, Cory Doctorow is an influential copyright reform activist and co-editor of the hugely popular tech-culture group weblog BoingBoing.
Vermont in Los Feliz) presents Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang on Wednesday, October 15 at 7:30pm.
David Doctorow, chief marketing & strategy officer and senior vice president for Global Marketing, Expedia, said, 'At Expedia, we understand that that every trip is unique, personal and is full of moments that have the power to be transformational.