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Relating to, adhering to, or insisting upon a doctrine or theory without regard to practical considerations or problems.
A doctrinaire person.

[French, from doctrine, doctrine, from Old French; see doctrine.]

doc′tri·nair′ism n.
doc′tri·nar′i·an n.
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Though at a doctrinarian level the controversy bicameralism--unicameralism with regard to the Romanian constitutional system is still very much real and continuous --arguments with concern to bicameralism (for further details see Attila, 2007: 146-54; Muraru and Muraru, 2005: 1-10; Tocqueville, 1992: 136-137; Duculescu, 2000: 19-24; Sartori, 2008: 249-256) being advanced both pro, i.
Skepticism must be the order of the day, placing the burden of proof on the doctrinarian.
Peddling the traumas of the individual subjected to the doctrinarian ideological pressure of the totalitarian regime--while negotiating forms of expressing identity by means of autobiographical mechanisms--the ego-graphic writing of Romanian post-totalitarianism occurred(s) in testimonials of the totalitarian experience in autobiographic register with which subjective memory reactivates the mechanism of history now relived in the course of the initial search of an identity rebuilt through writing.