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An ancient city of northwest Greece. It was a center of Pelasgian worship dedicated to Zeus.


(Placename) an ancient Greek town in Epirus: seat of an ancient sanctuary and oracle of Zeus and later the religious centre of Pyrrhus' kingdom
Dodonaean, Dodonean adj


(dəˈdoʊ nə)

an ancient town in NW Greece, in Epirus: the site of a famous oracle of Zeus.
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These were the prime in order and in might; The rest were long to tell, though far renown'd, Th' IONIAN Gods, of JAVANS Issue held Gods, yet confest later then Heav'n and Earth Thir boasted Parents; TITAN Heav'ns first born With his enormous brood, and birthright seis'd By younger SATURN, he from mightier JOVE His own and RHEA'S Son like measure found; So JOVE usurping reign'd: these first in CREET And IDA known, thence on the Snowy top Of cold OLYMPUS rul'd the middle Air Thir highest Heav'n; or on the DELPHIAN Cliff, Or in DODONA, and through all the bounds Of DORIC Land; or who with SATURN old Fled over ADRIA to th' HESPERIAN Fields, And ore the CELTIC roam'd the utmost Isles.
But the king said Ulysses had gone to Dodona that he might learn Jove's mind from the god's high oak tree, and know whether after so long an absence he should return to Ithaca openly, or in secret.
For you are to know, that, many years before, King Pelias had been told by the Speaking Oak of Dodona, that a man with one sandal should cast him down from his throne.
The first thing that Jason thought of doing, after he left the king's presence, was to go to Dodona, and inquire of the Talking Oak what course it was best to pursue.
Tell me, wondrous image," exclaimed Jason, --"since you inherit the wisdom of the Speaking Oak of Dodona, whose daughter you are,--tell me, where shall I find fifty bold youths, who will take each of them an oar of my galley?
Guneus brought two and twenty ships from Cyphus, and he was followed by the Enienes and the valiant Peraebi, who dwelt about wintry Dodona, and held the lands round the lovely river Titaresius, which sends its waters into the Peneus.
And there upon its border is built a city, Dodona (62); and Zeus loved it and (appointed) it to be his oracle, reverenced by men.
They are the only oracles which are not decayed, and there are such answers to the most modern inquiry in them as Delphi and Dodona never gave.
If you have not yet received the "Notice of Pendency of Class Action" which describes this Class action case and your related rights in detail, you may obtain a copy by calling 1-800-424-6690 or writing to Dodona v.
glorified tales of Kyros' divine birth (Chiasson in the volume under review), black doves bringing revelations from Egypt to Libya and Dodona, divine retribution for killing diplomats (1.
This outright hostility toward Delphi is reflected in Euripides's attacks on the oracle as well as by the fact that eventually even those Athenians who still sought oracular truth would turn from Apollo's Delphi to Zeus's oracle at Dodona in Epirus (Cf.