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n.1.(Mach.) A revolving cylinder, or a vibrating bar, with teeth, in a carding machine, which doffs, or strips off, the fiber from the cards.
2.(Spinning) A worker who replaces full bobbins by empty ones on the throstle or ring frames.
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They can be mounted on the following rollers: doffer, worker, stripper and condenser rollers.
For example, Jabu Dludla, a doffer in the spinning department who stayed at Kranzkloof hostel, claimed that a member of the Frametex liaison committee met with workers in her department to inform them that 'two bulls [were] fighting in the factory and that the "red bull" had won.
Mindshapes, Christian Doffer, Chief Commercial Officer/Co-Founder, 44203-1425800, partners@mindshapes.
Previously she was a spinner and doffer at Stevens Linen Associates in Dudley for several years.
Production of silage under a temperature of 27-35 degrees C will turn out doffer with good quality fresh, green, and not affected by fungus.
The blaze broke out in the Tidy Doffer in Ravernet, Lisburn, Co Antrim, around lunchtime as it opened for the day's business.
At twelve she worked half time as an unskilled doffer, excited at first, then quickly exhausted and disillusioned.
19) See Zamakhsyari Doffer, The pesantren tradition: The role of the kyai in the maintenance of traditional Islam in Java (Tempe: Program in South and Southeast Asian Studies, Arizona State University, 1999).
In the Vaillancourt family, three teenaged daughters (nineteen, seventeen, and thirteen years old), worked as a stitcher, winder, and doffer, supporting the rest of their family with their earnings.
THE Tidy Doffer is out of the way, but it's firmly on the beaten track as far as good pubs go.
A mechanical yarn clearer, a knotting aggregate and lastly the package doffer automated the winding process.