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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bite - a bite inflicted by a dogdog bite - a bite inflicted by a dog    
bite - a wound resulting from biting by an animal or a person
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Evil: Dog attacks on rise Ordeal: Dad Robert and Keanan Wounds: Ugly scars run across Keanan's cheek after dog attack
Not long after she stepped out to buy groceries, 33-year-old lacrosse coach Diane Whipple lay dying in her building's hallway, the victim of a horrific dog attack.
A SAVAGE dog attack put a man in hospital with a mauled hand after a Staffordshire-type dog attacked another in Colwyn Bay.
THESE are the shocking injuries a 91-year-old grandmother received after suffering a terrifying dog attack.
In recent weeks there have been several highprofile dog attack cases and it would be easy to assume from the headlines that the 'wolves' in our homes are becoming more savage and pose a serious risk.
ALEX Salmond has agreed to meet the parents of dog attack victims and listen to their calls for tough new laws to protect our kids.
Meanwhile a boy, eight, suffered facial injuries in a dog attack in Lancaster.
And in one brutal Birmingham incident, a vicious dog attack on a dad of five just yards from his own home left him with terrible gaping wounds and in need of plastic surgery.
ST HELENS and Knowsley is the fourth highest area in the country for the number of people being admitted to hospital with serious dog attack injuries.
Two farmers were faced with the distressing aftermath of a dog attack on land near Denbigh, while four prized ewes were violently savaged by a dog in Buckley.
ROGUE breeders who produce vicious dogs for neds are the root cause of Scotland's dog attack epidemic, a leading expert said yesterday.
The Government proposes, therefore, to increase the maximum penalties for aggravated offences under Section 3 of the 1991 Act in England and Wales to 14 years' imprisonment if a person dies as a result of a dog attack, five years' imprisonment if a person is injured by a dog attack, and three years' imprisonment if an assistance dog either dies or is injured by a dog attack.