Dog ear

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Wooster, OH, August 22, 2019 --( Dog Ear Publishing is proud to release author Ronald E.
Other anomalies that can be detected with automatic image analysis include, in the body cord area, open ply splice, open cord/broken cord, narrow body ply cord, crossed cord/doubled cord and wild wire; in the chafer, misplaced chafer high and open chafer splice; in the belt, bad belt alignment, foreign material, minor dog ear (step-off), dog ear breaker splice, open body splice, open breaker splice and overlap breaker splice; and in the turn up, dog ear (step-off).
Winters Waite shares details of her life as a single mother in her sexual prime in her new memoir, released by Dog Ear Publishing.
"There's a lot to like about this book," Dog Ear editors note.
Masson's new novel, "When Paris Was Dark: A Sliver of WWII History," released by Dog Ear Publishing.
She details her stirring story in a new memoir released by Dog Ear Publishing.