Dog fancier

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Dog´ fan`cier

1.One who has an unusual fancy for, or interest in, dogs; also, one who deals in dogs.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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ROBERT DUVALL, current star of Open Range with Kevin Costner, is, it would seem, a poor husband, but a great dog fancier.
A DOG fancier shown on a TV pet show as a caring family man was yesterday jailed for a "sadistic and brutal" sex attack.
"It's very, very dedicated to the dog fancier," Moser said.
Underdogs and upsets are way more than norm on the green carpet of the Garden -- inside dog fanciers indeed fancied Flynn, but the people sitting in the stands was obviously pulling for other dogs.
In purebred animals, especially those recognized by dog fanciers, the nature of that breed's typical coat is well known.
Thousands of show dogs and their proud people are packing the Linn County Expo Center in Albany for a competition that runs through Monday, co- sponsored by the Springfield area McKen zie Cascade Dog Fanciers and the Linn County Kennel Club.
They were called "Irish airheads"--and worse--by sportsmen convinced that show dog fanciers had bred all the brains and hunting instincts out of what had once been a glorious breed in the field.
All manners of dog breeds are on display, in these sometimes heart-touching, sometimes humorous images that dog fanciers everywhere can thoroughly appreciate and enjoy.
The implications of this research extend beyond the interests of dog fanciers and breeders.
Beautifully organized and presented, this singularly unique, 250-page, full-sized coffee table paperback is especially recommended to the attention of dog fanciers in general, and Schutzhund owners in particular.
Much like the feudal lords who preceded them in the care of dogs, this developing class of dog fanciers could and would pamper their dogs.
"For decades, purebred dog fanciers have supported breed research," notes Dr.