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or dog pile (dôg′pīl′, dŏg′-)Slang
1. A heap or cluster of people pressed closely together or piled on top of each other, as in celebration or assault.
2. In football, a heap of players that have leapt or fallen on top of a tackled ball carrier or loose football.
3. An outpouring of like-minded criticisms or retorts in response to something: the latest critic to join the dogpile condemning the new TV season.
4. A deposit of dog excrement.
v. dog·piled, dog·pil·ing, dog·piles or dog piled or dog pil·ing or dog piles
1. To form a dogpile around or on top of: The whole team dogpiled the winning pitcher.
2. In football, to form a dogpile on top of (a ball carrier or loose football).
3. To join in the criticism or condemnation of: angry callers dogpiled the controversial talk-show guest.
1. To form a dogpile.
2. To join in an outpouring of criticism or condemnation: bloggers dogpiling on the proposed legislation.
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But the emotions really came when I got on the bottom of a dog pile and realized how excited the team was until I was having trouble breathing while being crushed from team mates.
Senior Sofia Tenuta made a dash toward the dog pile near the pitcher's circle that had engulfed Bower.
It's female, so every fall it drops a huge amount of fruit (which, for the uninitiated, smells horrible, like, forgive me, a dog pile).
Then, it was Okafor on the bottom of a rowdy, raucous dog pile - a scene very reminiscent of the last time the Final Four was Indianapolis, back in 2010 when Duke edged out Butler in another scintillating final.
As Jesse, Tanzie, Nicky, and the gassy family dog pile into the car and head from their home on the southern coast of England to Scotland for Tanzie to compete, their car breaks down en route.
There was no Gatorade bath and no dog pile on the mound Tuesday night at PK Park.
As other monitors and more employees jumped into the dog pile, the numbers quickly rose, like, to over 2,000 brawlers.
"I was mainly worried about its back legs, and then another deputy jumped on it from there, and it was just a big dog pile after that."
Gone are the massive furnaces, in come the Swamp of Rancid Perspiration, Steaming Dog Pile Mountains and the Dandruff Desert.
Gone are the massive furnaces and coals of ecclesiastical rhetoric, in come the Swamp of Rancid Perspiration, Steaming Dog Pile Mountains, the Dandruff Desert and the Mountain of Toenail Clippings.
It's a greasy, sweaty dog pile full of hangovers and mouth breathers who each rush to the bathroom immediately after the beverage service.
Join Stanley and his pals in the greatest dog pile ever as they show us that dogs do know best about the things that really matter.