Dog power

a machine operated by the weight of a dog traveling in a drum, or on an endless track, as for churning.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Returning to the Grandvalira Mountain Park we swapped dog power for horsepower.
We set off again - with serious dog power from Bill and Kate - and the children walked, ran, slid and chattered.
With two dogs, resting them on alternate days, you can stretch out your trip to a week or longer and still count on having a reasonable level of dog power.
Moving from dog power to horsepower, I tried my hand on a snowmobile - fast, fun and, of course, freezing.
However, I can't imagine how you could induce a lazy old hound dog to get on a dog power and walk until the cream was separated or the butter was churned.
Some hunters sit over bait on moonlit nights with limited success but to take these eastern marauders in any quantity, hounds are the ticket and these dudes have the dog power. This band of houndsmen (and houndswomen) chase coyotes like they owe them money, averaging over 60 per year hunting the farm country of Upstate New York.
Before high-horse power snow mobiles, people in arctic regions relied on dog power. "Nine Dog Winter" is the story of two young men who at the start of the eighties, decide to strike out into the Yukon in the old school way with a sled of nine dogs.
GREAT OUTDOORS: Accommodation varies from hotels with underfloor heating to chalets in the wilderness like this; DOG POWER: Sarah Mayer dog-sledging
So the girl, Singin' Sally, comes up with the Puppy Dog Power Plan, to help turn the time Riley fears the most in to a rockin' Bow-Wow Blast!
We have so far hauled over 1,000 bags of food, using a combination of snowscooters, human and dog power.
A better way to plan your future dog power is to decide what it is you enjoy hunting the most.