a.1.Having a face resembling that of a dog.
Dog-faced baboon
(Zool.) any baboon of the genus Cynocephalus. See Drill.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He found hundreds and thousands of monkeys sick--gorillas, orangoutangs, chimpanzees, dog-faced baboons, marmosettes, gray monkeys, red ones--all kinds.
It was, indeed, a troop of very formidable baboons of the dog-faced species.
When Achilles insults Agamemnon by calling him "dog-faced," or when female figures such as Pandora and Helen are associated with a "bitch-like" mind and figurative placement in epic, listeners and readers grasp that the zoonym is invested with a particular spectrum of semantic presence in text.
This is the case with the example shown here - a Staunton style set, turned and carved from boxwood in a version featuring so-called 'dog-faced knights', and housed in its original box.
Bonkers Texan arms dealer Gary Oldman and a horde of dog-faced aliens want to help it.
Two batterycharged hermaphrodites and a dog-faced slag-monster, all with less to offer than an armless darts player, removed from our living rooms.
Mutley, a dog-faced puffer fish, has overindulged so much that he now struggles to move around.
Sleeves are rolled up, uniforms are out of sync, and yet victory in Europe and the Pacific was won by these dog-faced warriors, many of who were exceptional junior leaders.
Designer Sean Cavanagh goes for the full Egyptian thing with a Sphinx, dog-faced Gods, pyramids and hieroglyphics.
Barnum's freak shows had enticed visitors with attractions such as Master Allie Turner the infant drummer, Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy and General Tom Thumb the dancing dwarf.
Steiner, the Dog-faced Gremlin, a veteran who's still nursing a grudge against his brother Scott (aka Big Poppa Pump), has a body that's gone to seed in a way that makes my mouth water.