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(ˈdoʊ gɒn)

n., pl. -gons, (esp. collectively) -gon.
1. a member of an African people of central Mali.
2. the Gur language of the Dogon.
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Mae ei siwrne'n ei harwain trwy'r Affrig ac i Mali, ble mae'n ymweld e mosg DjennA sydd wedi ei adeiladu o fwd, yn ogystal e chael profiad ysbrydol yng nghwmni dyn hysbys y Dogon.
Earning her 'chops' with the likes of Irie Jane, One Nation, World Tribe and Dogon Sirius, the amazing Amet has performed everywhere from St, Petersburg, Florida (the Seminole Tribe's 'Discover Native America Powwow') to the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and San Francisco's 'Reggae in the Park'.
This is the next best thing to a trip to the Louvre to meet the Dogon, the Inuit, the Maya, the Kanak, the Ifugao and the societies from which these works originated.
If one language uses utterances with a 39% proportion of CV syllables (or an MSS of 34.3), as in Blackfoot, whereas another employs 71% CV syllables (or an MSS of 45.2), as in Dogon (Munroe, et al 1996:78; Fought et al 2004:35-36), CV studies link this difference to the two group's "external environments"--that the Blackfoot live in a "cold" climate whereas the Dogon live in a "warm/hot" climate" (Munroe et al.
In the Dogon religion of Mall, the life spirit, or nyama, lives on after death, but it must be properly cared for so that it does not become destructive.
No aspect of complex human culture was without interest to him, from the Italian Renaissance to the Dogon people of Mali to the quaint folkways of his own native hill people.
The sculptures on view were created by artists from 30 different regional traditions, including the Dogon and Bamana of Mali; the Senufo and Baule of Cote d'Ivoire, the Yoruba of Nigeria, the Mangbetu and Zande of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Sakalava and Vezo of Madagascar.
The 17-day Festivals of the Desert tour, starting December 27, features the Essouk Tuareg festival, the Music in the Desert Festival, trekking around Dogon villages and a boat trip along the Niger River.
Lane, "Tourism and Social Change Among the Dogon" (304-10); David Kerr, "Theatre and Social Issues in Malawi: Performers, Audiences, Aesthetics" (311-20); Stewart Crehan, "Fathers and Sons: Politics and Myth in Recent Zambian Drama" (321-38); Herbert M.
The program includes an account of wall climber Paul Piana's visit to the remote oasis of Timbuktu, his encounters with Dogon tribesman who climb cliffs to bury their dead in funerary caves, and his climbing party's exploration of a new route up "Fatima's Hand," a rock feature on the Bandiagara escarpment.