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n.1.(Mus.) A small bassoon, formerly much used.
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Dolcino, the Pope in Avignon, Bernardo Gui, to name a few.
48 (480m): Bramble Tudor, Crooks Assassin, Bramble Diamond, Union Street, Jumeirah Erin, Dolcino Rose (W).
10 (480m): Highview Boss, Blakefield Kwik, Bramble Pearl, Holycross Turbo, Geordie Jasper, Dolcino Rose (W).
52 over 450m with Calzaghe Otoole where he should have a race-fitness advantage over Allan Power's Dolcino Rose.
In the second part of this paper, I will explore two textual loci in the Commedia--the encounter with the Jovial Friars in Inferno 23 and the discussion of fra Dolcino in Inferno 28--to illustrate how a knowledge of the importance of preaching both in Dante's thought and his historical period might contribute to a better understanding of these passages.
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Pierce demonstrates that far from being feared predators upon the peasantry of Valsesia, Fra Dolcino and the Apostolics were welcomed as genuine followers of the apostolic life, fleeing inquisitorial persecution, by a peasantry determined to resist the escalating pressures of ecclesiastical and secular lords.
Lo sventurato spiega a Dante la punizione, indicando anche Ali, che lo precede nella fila dei peccatori che un diavolo divide in due; chiede inoltre al poeta di avvertire fra Dolcino (un eretico, i cui seguaci propugnavano la comunanza dei beni e delie donne) della sorte cui andra incontro, se non vorra pentirsi (vv.
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Chiara Dolcino, general counsel for the Insurance Department, said the rules achieve two important objectives.
El pope Bogomilo, Cosmas el presbitero, Esteban y Lisois, el monje Enrique, Valdo de Lyon, Ramon VI de Toulouse, Pierre Autier, Fray Dolcino, Margarita Porete, John Wyclif y Juan Hus son los herejes protagonistas de esta obra.
Grilling With the Pros" features chefs John and Caprial Pence, with a menu based on a visit to the local farmers' market, paired with 2007 Willamette Vally Pinot Gris, 2006 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and a 2006 Dolcino with dessert.