Dollar fish

(Zool.) a fish of the United States coast (Stromateus triacanthus), having a flat, roundish form and a bright silvery luster; - called also butterfish, and Lafayette. See Butterfish.

See also: dollar

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Minister for Tourism and Culture, Lauren Moss said the Million Dollar Fish competition was helping to secure the Territorys place among the worlds most renowned fishing destinations.
Darwin City, Australia, September 24, 2016 --( Spring Tide Safaris is pleased to announce that Million Dollar Fish Season Two is soon going to be launched in October, 2016 as a part of the Northern Territory Government campaign.
His million dollar fish was a 427 pound Yellowfin tuna caught on September 28th, and has been approved as the new world record for the species.
The much-anticipated secret tag number for the Million Dollar Fish in Season 3 has been unveiled today.
However, a multi-million dollar fish passage now under construction downstream at Pelton Dam provides hope that steelhead and salmon will one day negotiate these falls again.
The famous Million Dollar Fish competition is back for season three and will lure large numbers of fishing fanatics to the Northern Territory, providing a big win for tourism and local jobs.
Two Northern Territory fishos are each $10,000 richer after catching the first two barramundi in the Million Dollar Fish competition.
The second season of the Northern Territorys Million Dollar Fish competition kicks off on Saturday, with 101 prize tagged barramundi lurking in Top End waters.
With the confirmation of the Million Dollar Fish competition set to return for a second season, there is no better time to get into fishing in the Northern Territory.
This naming rights announcement comes off the back of CrownBets investment in the Million Dollar Fish campaign which is set to return to the Territory for a second season.
$500,000 for a second season of the hugely successful Million Dollar Fish competition to attract more tourists to the Top End over the low season;
"2015 was a huge year for tourism in the Territory with a number of new marketing initiatives and programs including the Million Dollar Fish competition and our new 'It's About Time' campaign while the global Land Rover Experience hit the Territory," he said.