Dolly Varden

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Dol·ly Var·den

 (dŏl′ē vär′dn)
A food and game fish (Salvelinus malma) of western North America and eastern Asia, having red, yellow, or orange spots on a dark body.

[After Dolly Varden, a character known for her colorful costume in the novel Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.]

Dolly Varden

(ˈdɒlɪ ˈvɑːdən)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman's large-brimmed hat trimmed with flowers
2. (Animals) a red-spotted trout, Salvelinus malma, occurring in lakes in W North America
[C19: from the name of a character in Dickens' Barnaby Rudge (1841)]

Dol•ly Var•den

(ˈdɒl i ˈvɑr dn)
a red-speckled char, Salvelinus malma, of North American and E Asian streams.
[1870–75; after a colorfully dressed character in Dickens' Barnaby Rudge (1841)]
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The instinct is not confined solely to Beau Brummels and Dolly Vardens.
Dolly Varden overwintering habitats have been identified, through visual surveys from aircraft and groundbased sampling activities, in many North Slope drainages, including the Hulahula River (Craig and McCart, 1974; Daum et al.
Dolly Varden Silver Corporation ( Dolly Varden or the Company ) is pleased to announce that its strategic investor Hecla Mining Company ( Hecla ), through a wholly-owned subsidiary, has exercised its pre-emptive right to maintain its 19.
9% stake in Canadian sector player Dolly Varden Silver Corporation (CVE:DV).
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 22, 2012-Hecla signs agreement for 20m equity of Dolly Varden Silver Corporation for USD3.
And the waters of Elfin Cove are plentiful; anglers can not only catch salmon and halibut, but also can go stream fishing for trout, coho and Dolly Varden.
Campgrounds: All Forest Service campgrounds east of and including Dolly Varden Campground in the Fall Creek drainage are closed.
CARDIFF: Chapter Theatre (02920 304400), Alt Cardiff Presents, Chicago based Dolly Varden, 7.
Overwintering Locations, Migrations, and Fidelity of Radio-Tagged Dolly Varden in the Hulahula River, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 2007-09.
The Net Proceeds of the Offering will be used for general Working Capital and for Work Programs on the Company s Dolly Varden Project, British Columbia.
For the sport fisher, beginning in June and continuing through the summer, sockeye salmon, dolly varden trout and halibut capture attention.