Dolly Varden

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Dol·ly Var·den

 (dŏl′ē vär′dn)
A food and game fish (Salvelinus malma) of western North America and eastern Asia, having red, yellow, or orange spots on a dark body.

[After Dolly Varden, a character known for her colorful costume in the novel Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens.]
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Dolly Varden

(ˈdɒlɪ ˈvɑːdən)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman's large-brimmed hat trimmed with flowers
2. (Animals) a red-spotted trout, Salvelinus malma, occurring in lakes in W North America
[C19: from the name of a character in Dickens' Barnaby Rudge (1841)]
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Dol•ly Var•den

(ˈdɒl i ˈvɑr dn)
a red-speckled char, Salvelinus malma, of North American and E Asian streams.
[1870–75; after a colorfully dressed character in Dickens' Barnaby Rudge (1841)]
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The instinct is not confined solely to Beau Brummels and Dolly Vardens. There is the vanity of the peacock and the vanity of the eagle.
Several qualitative characteristics have been advanced as key characters for use in distinguishing between Dolly Varden and bull trout (Table 2) (Cavender, 1978; Nelson and Paetz, 1992; McPhail and Carveth, 1993; Goad et al., 1995; W.
Essentially the entire Dolly Varden catch was obtained at two stations during the early period in 1988.
Sagittal otoliths from young-of-the-year Dolly Varden, Salvelinus malma, captured from Cripple River, Alaska and Cha'atam River, Russia were prepared and observed with transmitted light microscopy.
Release date- 26082019 - Dolly Varden Silver Corporation (TSX.V: DV | U.S.: DOLLF) (the 'Company' or 'Dolly Varden') is pleased to announce that the Company intends to undertake a private placement financing (the 'Offering') to raise gross proceeds of up to $3.5 million from the sale of up to 5,714,286 common shares that qualify as 'flow-through shares' ('Flow-Through Shares'), as defined under the Income Tax Act (Canada), at a price of $0.35 per share and up to 5,000,000 common shares ('Common Shares') at a price of $0.30 per share.
A veteran of the Chicago music scene for more than 25 years, he plays upright bass fiddle and electric bass for several respected Chicago area bands, including Dolly Varden, Signal to Noise and Sgt.
The fire has closed numerous campgrounds and trails, including the Dolly Varden, Broken Bowl, Big Pool, Clark Creek, Bedrock and Puma Creek campgrounds, the Fall Creek National Recreation Trail and Johnny Creek Trail.
Researchers in Alaska recently discovered that at least in some river systems, older Dolly Varden stop migrating after they reach a certain size, then rely for growth on the abundant eggs of sockeye salmon, without experiencing the perils of life at sea where many large predators roam*
Resident freshwater threespine stickleback occurred in the greatest number of lakes (n = 66; 47%) and Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma) occurred in the greatest number of streams (n = 27; 69%).
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 26, 2016-Hecla Withdraws Bid for Canadian Miner Dolly Varden
In Arctic Alaska, Dolly Varden Salvelinus malma is highly valued as a subsistence fish; however, little is known about its marine ecology.