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 (dôl′mə, -mä)
n. pl. dol·mas or dol·ma·des (dôl-mä′dĕs)
A fruit or vegetable, especially a grape leaf or cabbage leaf, cooked with a filling of ground meat, herbs, or rice.

[Turkish dolma and Modern Greek dolmás, dolmád- (Modern Greek, from Turkish), from verbal noun of Turkish dolmak, to fill, be full; akin to Old Turkic tōl-, from passive of tō-, to close, block.]
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(ˈdɒlmə; -mɑː)
n, pl dolmas or dolmades (dɒlˈmɑːdiːz)
(Cookery) a vine leaf stuffed with a filling of meat and rice
[C19: Turkish dolma literally something filled]
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(ˈdɔl mə, -mɑ)

a vine leaf or vegetable stuffed with a savory mixture, as of ground meat and rice.
[1885–90; < Turkish dolma literally, something filled, filling =dol- fill + -ma suffix of deverbal nouns]
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The dolmathes (stuffed vine leaves) here are fat cigars of minced lamb, rice and tomato, tightly rolled inside silky leaves, with none of the slimy, briny tang that can sometimes swamp them.
Chef Martha Beck again will prepare a variety of authentic Greek appetizers, entrees and desserts, including dolmathes, spanikopita, moussaka, chicken with artichokes and potatoes, baklava, and many other dishes.
Come hungry for Greek meatballs, dolmathes, tabbouleh, baklava, spanakopita, and much more.
Greek Pastry & Gift Fair - Pastry includes baklava, kourambiethes, koulourakia; handmade crafts, Greek coffee, gyros, dolmathes, spanakopita, 11 a.m.
Angela enjoyed another Greek classic - dolmathes (rice, herbs and minced beef wrapped into little vine leaf parcels).
Dolmathes, stuffed grape leaves, are a popular Greek and Mediterranean meze (appetizer); they can be purchased (canned or refrigerated) already prepared or made at home.
Foods to buy and serve: About 3/4 pound canned stuffed grape leaves (called dolmathes, dolmades, or dolmas); 3/4 pound total assorted olives (calamata, dry salt-cured, nicoise, California ripe); 1 pound giardiniera (pickled vegetables); and 3/4 pound marinated artichokes.
Sunday, featuring tasty Greek pastries - baklava, dolmathes, tiropita and more - crafts and a demonstration of Greek iconography painting.
Greek Pastry and Craft Fair: Get those tasty Greek pastries - baklava, dolmathes, tiropita and more - from 11 a.m.
They also sell and accept pre-orders for traditional powdered-sugar butter cookies called kourambiethes; koulourakia cookie twists; cheese and phyllo hors d'oeuvres called tiropita; and stuffed grape leaves, dolmathes.