p. p.1.of Delve.
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as punishment for a possible probation violation, The Miami Herald's Taylor Dolven reports.
Craig Dolven, with Orange Park Medical Center, said it should be.
Even though defendant Dolan has not yet transferred his ownership interest in defendant Dolven Enterprises, Inc., plaintiff alleges that he has entered into an agreement to do so.
Graham Burnett and Jeff Dolven was held for a preselected group of students.
(152.) Emma Chanlett-Avery, Ben Dolven, and Wil Mackey, "Thailand: Background and U.S.
Significantly higher [DELTA][E.sup.*] values were only found in compomer material for Dolven compared to the Augmentin (p = 0.021), Macrol (p = 0.018), and Ventolin (p = 0.013).
Given the stakes involved, some governments have built "extensive structures atop small rocks, or based troops on islets with no fresh water--actions intended to demonstrate control, and some argue even habitability" (Dolven, Kan, and Manyin 2013, 7).
See also Anne Shaver, "Rereading Mirabella," Spenser Studies 9 (1988): 209-29; Mallette, Spenser and the Discourses, 189; and Jeff Dolven, Scenes of Instruction in Renaissance Romance (U.
Manyin, Mark E., Stephen Daggett, Ben Dolven, Susan V.
(4) Read this way, the Calender thus anticipates the kind of resistance to the Mulcastrean classroom that Jeff Dolven (2007) identifies as central to the 1596 Faerie Queene's revision and critique of the 1590 Faerie Queene's didactic agenda.
IKON GALLERY, OOZELLS SQUARE, BRINDLEY PLACE, BIRMINGHAM: Please Return, painting, installation and film by Norwegian artist AK Dolven. Daily Lovemaking, theatrical works by Nastio Mosquito, both until April 19.
Last season, when Tale Dolven joined in the hour-long duet with De Keersmaeker--which Rosas has toured for the last three years--her movements were sharp, yet mysteriously cloudy.