n.1.Damage; hurt.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And thot buggest one dud the domage. Ut fair carried away the door an' laid ut flat on the mess table an' smashed out the chief's room.
There's a thousand dollars' domage done, an' I'll see ye pay for ut.'
Quelle domage! My fail-safe callas, never known to fail before, had not one single flower this year and the aforementioned heat caused their dramatic leaves to tumble in on themselves.
The Wali of North Darfur State,Kibir, has added that the fire, which broke on Friday, caused huge domage to forests and pastures, stressing the need to draw up firelines to lessen the possiblity of a repeat of bush fire, particualry at this time of the year.
"The decision in the next year or two will only be about the private cloud," Eric Domage, programme manager for EMEA software and service group at IDC, told the analyst's Virtualisation and Cloud Security Conference in London.
Eric Domage, manager Western European Security Research and Consulting, IDC, said the recent series of security announcements from HP were encouraging for a number of reasons.
Palace Merano 7g Antarctique - Domage II Mr & Mrs Colin Strang Steel 7860U1- RPR 127c OR 126c He came from Willie Mullins and won over 3m6f at Punchestown last year.
This type of solution is awaited by the enterprises and organizations that search for in-the-cloud IT cost effectiveness, but must not abandon security needs and obligations," said Eric Domage, security software & services research manager, IDC Western Europe.
"Organisations (45%) also believe that data leakage is more likely to occur through human error on the part of their own employees, rather than through intentional theft from outside (15%)."In addition, with the increase in layoffs taking place in the current economic climate, the probability of a vengeful employee deliberately destroying or stealing sensitive data from the organisation has increased."According to Eric Domage, IDC EMEA program manager, European security products and strategies, the survey reveals that organisations believe the most significant impact of a security breach would come from the lack of control of its intellectual property (IP).
Quel domage. In earlier times I used to gush sympathy, even trade stories about the bizarreness of hostilities or simply how bitter it felt, to be cast aside.
Instead, I went to another custom's booth and explained in my rapidly expanding French who we were (l'quipe Canadien) what had happened (quelle domage).
Regulation compliance, IT weakness, complexity, and attacker agility are the main drivers of investment," said Eric Domage, IDC's Western European Security Software research manager.