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Westhoff said the city has been continuing with its affirmative action policies since December 1994, when the state Surpreme Court ruled in favor of the city program on other issues raised by Domar.
This is, of course, the Ward-Domar effect [Ward, 1958; Domar, 1966].
It is world renowned for its highly successful and innovative infertility treatments, highest quality service, state-of-the-art methods, ongoing scientific research, and on-site complementary healthcare at its Domar Center.
No obstante, a la hora de imaginar un destino como forjador de versos, la negativa paterna fue dificil de domar.
i) is the Domar (1961) weight for the i-th industry, defined as
It is probably the worst day of the year for women going through infertility," said Alice Domar, executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health, which is a division of Waltham-based Boston IVF, one of the country's largest in vitro fertilization centers.
de la Estrella, inmerso y finalmente fulminado por sus cuentos sobre mierda en Domar a la divina garza.
Al sintetizar la historia de nuestra tierra, decia Gabriela Mistral que su propio descubridor, don Diego de Almagro, la abandono apenas ojeada, por lejana de los centros coloniales y por recia de domar, tanto como por pobre.
Bortis, in particular, writes cogently on the respective versions of the multiplier found in Richard Kahn, Michal Kalecki, Nicholas Kaldor and Evsey Domar, with some additional very interesting material on the 'super-multiplier' and on the origins of the multiplier analysis in the work of the Physiocrats and Karl Marx.
In The Case for Accelerated Depreciation, Domar argued that "[g]iven the choice between a lower tax rate with normal depreciation, or a higher rate with accelerated depreciation, I would, except in severe inflation, certainly recommend the latter.