Domesday Book

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Domes·day Book

 (do͞omz′dā′, dōmz′-) also Dooms·day Book (do͞omz′-)
The written record of a census and survey of English landowners and their property made by order of William the Conqueror in 1085-1086.

[From Middle English domesday, doomsday; see doomsday.]

Domesday Book


Doomsday Book

(Historical Terms) history the record of a survey of the land of England carried out by the commissioners of William I in 1086


(or Dooms′day) Book`

a record of a survey of the lands of England made by order of William the Conqueror about 1086, giving ownership, extent, value, etc., of the properties.

Domesday Book

A 1086 survey of land holdings in England initiated by William the Conqueror.
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Noun1.Domesday Book - record of a British census and land survey in 1085-1086 ordered by William the ConquerorDomesday Book - record of a British census and land survey in 1085-1086 ordered by William the Conqueror

Domesday Book

[ˈduːmzdeɪˌbʊk] N the Domesday Bookel Domesday Book (libro del registro catastral realizado en Inglaterra en 1086)
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And he made every one of them tell him a tale every night; and he kept that up till he had hogged a thousand and one tales that way, and then he put them all in a book, and called it Domesday Book -- which was a good name and stated the case.
Derek O'Connor's mount, who was wearing blinkers for the first time - the headgear is retained - jumped the final fence with a three-length lead only to be worn down by Domesday Book in the final strides.
The Domesday Chest, which housed the Domesday Book, inset, from 1500 onwards, on display at The National Archives in Kew, London, before the book is loaned to Lincoln Castle Jonathan Brady
A general view of the original Domesday Book on display at The National Archives in Kew
Dale reckon they've had 289 wet days in the last 12 months, proper rain, from out of the Domesday Book.
The exact origins of the hotel Hotel remain a mystery, but the commonly-held belief is that the original Abbey building dates as far back as the Domesday Book.
The town appears as 'Oderesfelt' and 'Odresfeld' in the Domesday Book in 1086.
BIRMINGHAM'S Bull Ring has seen many changes over the years - at the very heart of the most ancient part of the city dating back to the time of the Domesday Book.
The first record of a dwelling at Halsbeer Farm appears in the Domesday Book of 1086, with the existing five-bedroom property thought to date back to the 16th Century.
NORTH F I E L D started life as a small village mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086 before becoming a centre for the nail-making industry in the 19th century.
The Domesday Book is a detailed survey of the land held by William the Conquerer and his people, published in 1806.
In the Domesday Book it was recorded as Liedeberge.