Dominant owner

(Law) one who owns lands on which there is an easement owned by another.
- Bouvier.

See also: Dominant

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Although capital outlays on all railways increased by a factor of 32 between 1860 and 1939, it was during the late 19th and early 20th century when the government became the dominant owner of the lines and cheaper metre gauges were introduced, that there was a general trend towards lower capital outlays.
"In the event the offer becomes unconditional, Bounty as the holder or controller of over 90 percent of the shares, will become the dominant owner of Tegel and has said it intends to compulsorily acquire all of the outstanding shares in Tegel at the same price as the offer of $1.23 per share," Jackson said.
There is no dominant owner; the blockchain technology itself establishes the digital platform for trust and can act as an independent authority.
The Prilep tobacco plant has prepared the key documents for the functioning of the company whose dominant owner is the state and the government should give the final say.
But even big clubs can hurtle down the leagues quite quickly when a dominant owner isn't around any more.
This ongoing improvement is derived from what S&P views as the new company's clear differentiation in the Saudi Arabian market, basing its assumption on the combination of the company's advanced use of technology, its independence from any dominant owner or institution, and its explicitly Shari'ah-compliant, Takaful mode of operation.
BP had become the dominant owner of oil storage tanks in Cushing, the epicenter of pricing WTI oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Rooijen a Ph.D candidate at the Institute for Information Law, Amsterdam, poses three questions in this discussion: how interoperability effects innovation and competition, which type of law--copyright that protects the dominant owner, or competition law that helps the innovator--will be the dominant force in this evolving field and finally what aspects from both groups of law have particular bearing on this subject.
Peter Hall, of Sheldon, said that he does not want the club to be turned into a circus with a dominant owner like Hearts in Scotland.
(47) As prescription was not exclusive control of the land supported by the 'mystery of seisin', (48) an additional legal artifice was necessary--a presumption or fiction that the actions of the dominant owner had been legally sanctioned.
Hersh, Mack-Cali president and chief executive officer, said the aquisition will increase the size of the portfolio by nearly 10% and cement the REIT's position as the dominant owner and manager of class A office properties in the state.
Experts at, which supplied information to the Met, commented: "The Canary requires a dominant owner.
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