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Noun1.Donald Barthelme - United States author of sometimes surrealistic stories (1931-1989)
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Y una muy buena digestion de las practicas de posmodernistas como Donald Barthelme y Robert Coover que, en un reportaje, Ford dijo haber leido y diseccionado obsesivamente a la par de la teoria de Henry James y E.
McHale argues that in contrast to modernist narratives (such as those by William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Katherine Mansfield, and Virginia Woolf), postmodernist fiction (such as that written by Donald Barthelme, Angela Carter, Robert Coover, John Fowles, Flann O'Brien, and Thomas Pynchon) is not so much interested in knowledge and consciousness but rather oriented toward modes of being and the differences among them, the nature and plurality of worlds, how worlds are made and unmade, and so forth.
Once, borrowing a technique from a Donald Barthelme short story, I wrote a spot all in questions: "Is Schmeezings St.
Imagine if Lydia Davis, Jorge Luis Borges, and Donald Barthelme spawned a literary child; we might get musings such as these.
Donald Barthelme, best known for his postmodern short fiction, takes on fairy land in this inventive and accessible tongue-in-cheek reworking of Snow White, which brims over with biting commentary on the absurdities of modern life.
Maybe "The Emerald," the short story by Donald Barthelme, which is essentially a radio play--the whole story is just voices.
Her name was Faith Sale, a legendary editor who edited Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Donald Barthelme and Alice Hoffman.
crisply shepherded John Updike, Donald Barthelme and William Trevor, as he himself became so luminous that Sports Illustrated compared him to Willie Mays, the player Angell calls so thrilling he "took your breath away.
In a brief essay from 1960, Lone Star State native Donald Barthelme contends that "it is frequently painful for a Texan to decide that he is, after all, not a cowboy" ("Culture" 65).
She has studied creative writing with Donald Barthelme and is active in the nationally recognized writer's organization, Inprint, where she has studied personal essay with Jessica Wilbanks, fiction with Olive Hershey, and poetry with Tony Hoagland.
The lust that drove Donald Barthelme, to name just one, raises nary a peep.
Beyond Fragmentation: Donald Barthelme and Writing as Political Act.