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(ˈdɒnɪˌɡɔːl; ˌdɒnɪˈɡɔːl; ˌdʌnɪˈɡɔːl)
(Placename) a county in NW Republic of Ireland, on the Atlantic: mountainous, with a rugged coastline and many offshore islands. County town: Lifford. Pop: 137 575 (2002). Area: 4830 sq km (1865 sq miles)


(ˈdɒn ɪˌgɔl, ˌdɒn ɪˈgɔl)

a county in the N Republic of Ireland. 129,428; 1865 sq. mi. (4830 sq. km).
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Fitted cape in Bardot Blue Donegal Tweed PS695 Longline cape in Hepburn Earth Harris Tweed PS1,990 Swing cape in Loren Dapple Donegal Tweed PS580 Longline cape in Camel Cashmere PS1,990 Fitted cape in Loren Dapple Donegal Tweed PS695 Sw Ta Swing cape in Taylor Classic Donegal Tweed PS580 Tw
It is s a woven black/ grey tweed which gives the appearance of Donegal Tweed.
In the pubs and rugby clubs in the poorer parts of Wales there is about as much interest in the plight of those who ride with hounds, or indeed of the poor fox as there is in the price of Donegal tweed jackets, hunter wellies and waxed barbours.
For example, we would use an authentic Donegal tweed for a character like Branson to reflect his Irish roots and a Scottish tweed for Cousin Shrimpy to reflect his Scottish heritage.
Postings by Chris Wright from the firm read: "Get your original Peaky Blinders cap, it's called a Donegal Tweed Newsboy.
With all the mod cons you would expect, I especially loved the pop-up TV at the end of the bright-white bed draped in a sea-green Donegal tweed rug.
The venue, which opens this month, has been completely refitted, with the vintage teak furnishings upholstered in the finest wool suiting fabrics - Prince of Wales, houndstooth, Donegal tweed and pinstripe as a nod to the financial district.
with your Donegal tweed jacket, passed down from your second cousin once
Now I can imagine an old tramp in one of my Donegal tweed jackets, a knapsack on his back, strolling the country lanes, pausing here and there to jot a great truth in his notepad.
This stunning British donegal tweed dress from Hobbs is the centrepiece of any wardrobe.
I use mainly natural fabrics - English barathea, Scotish Tartan, Harris and Donegal Tweed, English Mohair and Swiss silk.
The pounds 85 porcelain figures, dressed in real Donegal tweed and Aran sweaters, are a huge with Americans who want a slice of Irish life.