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 (də-nĕts′, dŭ-nyĕts′)
A river rising in western Russia and flowing about 1,050 km (650 mi) through eastern Ukraine to join the Don River.


(Russian daˈnjɛts)
(Placename) a river rising in SW Russia, in the Kursk steppe and flowing southeast, through Ukraine, to the Don River. Length: about 1078 km (670 miles)



1. a river rising in the SW Russian Federation near Belgorod, flowing SE through Ukraine to the Don River. ab. 650 mi. (1045 km) long.
2. Also called Donets′ Ba′sin. an area S of this river, in E Ukraine: coal-mining region. 9650 sq. mi. (24,995 sq. km).
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He had a look at all the details of the hunt, sent a pack of hounds and huntsmen on ahead to find the quarry, mounted his chestnut Donets, and whistling to his own leash of borzois, set off across the threshing ground to a field leading to the Otradnoe wood.
We've been a leader and pioneer in recycling since the aluminum can was invented and we see great opportunities in this new chapter to deepen our rich heritage in recycling," added Donets.
The principal Late Neolithic/Early Eneolithic regional groups are (FIGURE 1, TABLE 1: 15-31): the Dnieper-Donets culture of Mariupol type in the steppe river valleys between the Dnieper and Donets rivers (Telegin 1968; 1987; 1991; Telegin & Potekhina 1987); the Orlovka group on the middle Don/lower Volga (Mamontov 1974; Yudin 1988; 1998); the Rakushechni Yar group on the lower Don (Belanovskaya & Telegin 1996; Kiashko 1987; 1994); the Varfolomievka group in the Volga-Ural steppes (Yudin 1988; 1998); and the Khvalynsk culture on the lower Volga with its related cousins such as S'ezzhye in the Samara region (Vasiliev 1981; Vasiliev & Matveeva 1979; Agapov et al.
Andrey Donets, Dnipropetrovsk branch office director: "The new site is of strategic importance for Metinvest-SMC's entire network because it will become an additional tool to ensure effective and regular supplies of rolled pipe products to all regions of Ukraine.
Open Competition Develop the project documentation for the construction of the road Boguchar - Monastyrshchina - Dry Donets - 1st White Hill - s.
98) as Russia kept up gamely as challenger as Stanislav Donets took home his second gold, this time in the men's 50-metres backstroke.
Andrey Donets is named President, Global Packaging, where he will oversee the Company's business serving the food and beverage can and bottle markets.
Earlier in the evening of the second day, Aschwin Faber Wildeboer had added a bronze after finishing third behind Russia's Stanislav Donets and Frenchman Camille Lacourt respectively in the men's 100m backstroke.
Dniepr Donets Basin and exploration work is planned to commence this year.
Russia: In Belaya Kalitva, Alcoa Russia President, Andrey Donets, will lead an education session for middle school students about the importance of recycling.
Andrey Donets, President of Alcoa Global Packaging said, Using our innovation, technology and full product support, Alcoa consistently partners with customers to help them bring differentiated products to the market .
Stanislav Donets gave Russia their first gold medal of this championships when he ended with a new championship record of 49.