San Sebastián

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San Se·bas·tián

 (săn sə-băs′chĭn, sän′ sĕ-väs-tyän′)
A city of northern Spain on the Bay of Biscay near the French border east of Bilbao. It is a seaside resort.

San Sebastián

(ˌsæn səˈbæstjən; Spanish san seβasˈtjan)
(Placename) a port and resort in N Spain on the Bay of Biscay: former summer residence of the Spanish court. Pop: 181 811 (2003 est). Official name: Donostia-San Sebastián

San Se•bas•tián

(ˌsæn səˈbæs tʃən, sɑn ˌsɛb ɑsˈtyɑn)
a seaport in N Spain. 180,043.
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Noun1.San Sebastian - a city in northern Spain on the Bay of Biscay near the French borderSan Sebastian - a city in northern Spain on the Bay of Biscay near the French border; a fashionable seaside resort
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
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La otra gran estrella de los ultimos dias de San Sebastian fue Monica Bellucci, la actriz italiana, que cumplio 53 anos el 30 de septiembre, dos dias despues de su paso por el Festival, recogio el Premio Donostia y se mostro muy agradecida por este reconocimiento: <<Tengo 53 anos y sigo trabajando, asi que no creo que se trate solo de belleza.
Meeting in San Sebastian (Donostia), from 7 to 9 February, the EU's ministers in charge of competitiveness presented the Donostia declaration', on 8 February, calling for a responsible science policy in the context of the crisis, capable of contributing short-term solutions.
Hospital Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain; and ([dagger]) Basque Country University, San Sebastian, Spain
HOLLYWOOD Thesps Vanessa Redgrave and Anjelica Huston will be recipients of the Donostia Award at the Donostia-San Sebastian Intl.
nGrassick completed a double when Donostia dead-heated with the Paddy Mullins-trained Bob What (Shane Kelly) in the two-mile-one-furlong maiden.
Hospital Donostia belongs to the public health system and is the main referral hospital for a population of 9,500 children <3 years of age.