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 (do͞o′lĭt′l), Hilda Pen name H.D. 1886-1961.
American poet whose imagist verse was published in works such as Sea Garden (1916) and Helen in Egypt (1961).


(Biography) Hilda. known as H.D. 1886–1961, US imagist poet and novelist, living in Europe


(ˈduˌlɪt l)

Hilda ( “H.D.” ), 1886–1961, U.S. poet.
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Noun1.Doolittle - United States Air Force officer who electrified the world in 1942 by leading a squadron of 16 bombers on a daylight raid over Tokyo (1896-1993)Doolittle - United States Air Force officer who electrified the world in 1942 by leading a squadron of 16 bombers on a daylight raid over Tokyo (1896-1993)
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Pygmalion Higgins is not a portrait of Sweet, to whom the adventure of Eliza Doolittle would have been impossible; still, as will be seen, there are touches of Sweet in the play.
Jones did not affect to consider Hiram Doolittle a perfect empiric in his profession, being in the constant habit of listening to his treatises on architecture with a kind of indulgent smile; yet, either from an inability to oppose them by anything plausible from his own stores of learning or from secret admiration, Richard generally submitted to the arguments of his co-adjutor.
In one way or another (to say nothing of the many worthless creeks) he came into possession of properties on the good creeks, such as Sulphur, Dominion, Excelsis, Siwash, Cristo, Alhambra, and Doolittle.
Eric Doolittle, the college's chaplain heading the event.
Let us consider a notional new weapons program, the "USS Jimmy Doolittle," to explore how programs can implement a process to comply with the requirements of Section 1647 of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to evaluate cyber vulnerabilities and develop strategies for mitigating the associated risks.
Dick Cole, the last surviving member of the famed Doolittle Raiders.
Target Tokyo: Jimmy Doolittle and the Raid that Avenged Pearl Harbor.
Two individuals independently came up with the ideas that produced the Doolittle Raid: Navy captain Francis Low and Lt Col James "Jimmy" Doolittle--a famous prewar military test pilot, civilian aviator, and aeronautical engineer and now special assistant for Lt Gen Henry "Hap" Arnold, AAF chief.
The last surviving Doolittle Raider, who had just marked his 101st birthday a few days before, smiled as he reminisced in the shadow of the bomber--a link to his storied past.
Jimmy" Doolittle Award, which recognizes a unit that has displayed bravery, determination, discipline, "esprit de corps" and superior management of joint operations was awarded to the 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.
In recognition the tremendous boost Doolittle's Raid gave American morale, members of The Tokyo Doolittle Raiders were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in May 2014.
THE TOPIC: The Doolittle Raid marked America's decisive counterstrike against the Japanese following Pearl Harbor.