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n.1.A kind of litter suspended from men's shoulders, for carrying persons or things; a palanquin.
Having provided doolies, or little bamboo chairs slung on four men's shoulders, in which I put my papers and boxes, we next morning commenced the ascent.
- J. D. Hooker.
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The Coley Family has produced cotton and peanuts in Dooly County, Georgia, for four generations.
Led by chief scientist and deep wreck diver Dr Gerard Dooly, the crew set off on the Celtic Explorer research vessel and used a remotely-operated underwater vehicle to explore the wrecks.
Virtual worlds or multi-user virtual environment (MUVEs) are virtual environments in which language learners act in 3D environments (Sadler & Dooly, 2013; Svenson, 2003).
For example, in Dooly's (2011) telecollaboration, two groups of preservice teachers (PTs) from Spain and the U.S.
Atlanta, GA, December 13, 2018 --( Advanced Care Partners (ACP), is expanding its service area into 24 more Georgia counties effective immediately, the following counties are now being served: Dougherty, Harris, Muscogee, Macon, Sumter, Lee, Chattahoochee, Taylor, Talbot, Crisp, Dooly, Worth, Colquitt, Cook, Brooks, Lowndes, Thomas, Tift, Baker, Mitchell, Turner, Marion, Schley, Dade.
El colectivo de jovenes que abandona prematuramente sus estudios no solo no adquiere el dominio de las competencias, tampoco obtiene el certificado educativo que le reconoce la finalizacion de la etapa de escolarizacion obligatoria, limitando su continuidad en el sistema educativo (Vallejo y Dooly, 2013).
Michol is a comical character from the Korean cartoon "Dooly the Little Dinosaur."
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In response to local landowner and hunter interest in growing bigger whitetails, a 15-inch outside spread was set as the minimum requirement for legal bucks in Dooly County.
Similarly, Dooly (2013) and Dooly and Sadler (2016) affirm that, since PBL requires teamwork, learners inevitably have to produce oral communicative forms in the target language.
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