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Noun1.door guard - someone who guards an entrancedoor guard - someone who guards an entrance  
commissionaire - a uniformed doorman
guard - a person who keeps watch over something or someone
night porter - a porter on duty during the night
ticket collector, ticket taker - someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased tickets
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Otokar Kent promises a spacious journey in every season with its powerful air conditioning system and provides unparalleled suspension, superior handling and high comfort with independent axle application at the front while ABS, ASR, disc brakes and anti-jamming door safety systems ensure maximum safety.
The train operator introduced the timetable on Sunday (May 19) yet a "door safety feature issue" has provided the first setback.
The company has also added new upgrades, features and expanded lines of such traditional product offerings as Trailer Door Safety Straps, Heavy-Duty Strap Bands, Heavy-Duty D-Rings, Lever Binder Locks, and Reflective Conspicuity Flags.--Kinedyne LLC, Branchville, N.J., 800/848-6057 (U.S.), 800/268-3530 (Canada); talog_2018
Research to mark Fire Door Safety Week, which is on now, reveals that a quarter of people feel more anxious about living in a rented flat since the tragedy and the issues it exposed with regard to fire safety.
The kit included table corner protectors, fire blanket, door safety shield and a home safety booklet among others.
Some manufacturers include a door safety switch or lockout/tagout feature to keep the AHU closed until the UV lamp power has been disconnected.
A NEW campaign on fire door safety has been launched.
Additionally, a control centre has also been set up at the facility to regulate rail operations, such as the regulation of door safety; train brakes and motors; maintenance workshops, and washing and cleaning workshops.
This business is no longer well aligned with Halma's door safety sensor and display product operations, Williams said.
The Department of Buildings found in September that maintenance workers has failed to enable a door safety circuit on an elevator moments before advertising executive Suzanne Hart stepped into the elevator and was pinned between the elevator and the shaft, causing her death.
The AAADM membership is a network of professionals dedicated to continuously improving technology and automatic door safety. Customers receive and benefit from their expert counsel in compliance with the American National Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors, ANSI A156.10, enabling consistent and safe operation.
AS-Interface CAT4 magnetic door safety switches feature a coded magnet system with a fixed cable and an industry standard M12 connector, enabling AS-Interface users to safeguard small doors and coverings with a compact solution that quickly and easily mounts in any position.