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(ˈdɔːreɪ; -riː)
(Animals) another name for walleye5, walleye6
[C18: from French, gilded; see dory]


(French dɔre)
(Biography) (Paul) Gustave (ɡystav). 1832–83, French illustrator, whose style tended towards the grotesque. He illustrated the Bible, Dante's Inferno, Cervantes' Don Quixote, and works by Rabelais



(Paul) Gustave, 1832?–83, French painter and illustrator.
References in classic literature ?
How many of my readers would have the industry and application to memorize two thousand verses, even for a Dore Bible?
Him through the spicie Forrest onward com ADAM discernd, as in the dore he sat Of his coole Bowre, while now the mounted Sun Shot down direct his fervid Raies, to warme Earths inmost womb, more warmth then ADAM need; And EVE within, due at her hour prepar'd For dinner savourie fruits, of taste to please True appetite, and not disrelish thirst Of nectarous draughts between, from milkie stream, Berrie or Grape: to whom thus ADAM call'd.
Huge-boned, tall, gaunt to cadaverousness, his face a dirty death's head, he was as repellent a nightmare of old age as ever Dore imagined.
Ousmane Dore, a citizen of Guinea, brings more than 20 years of experience spanning development finance, government, and academia.
Dore, nine of whose 18 runners amassed an impressive 20 wins, said: "Without a headline horse it's very difficult for smaller trainers such as myself to make headlines, so anything that draws attention to the good job we are doing is most welcome.
Dore realizes that anger was and continues to be an essential element of all civil rights movements.
Vincent van Gogh referred to Dore as an "Artist of the People" because Dore directed his work to the masses through his popular literary folios.
Fue asi como a los cinco anos de edad me encontre hojeando el Infierno, de Dante Aligheri, ilustrado por Gustave Dore.
Dore is well known for his illustrations of Rabelais, Dante, and Cervantes among others, but the Orsay exhibition--the first Dore retrospective in 30 years--reveals a multifarious body of work from illustration and caricature to history painting, religious painting, political allegory, landscape and sculpture.
Dore further said that they were angered at the fact that Broad stood sporting a 'docile look of bemusement' despite 'actually' middling the ball to first slip, which is an entire foreign concept in the debate of walking, adding that the most 'galling' aspect of his 'dastardly' deception was that he got away with it and changed the course of the series.
Mr Dore, who failed in a similar attempt in 2010 blaming a lack of support from the sport's governing body, is the director of Coventry Dogs LTD, which has applied to restart racing.
In early November, representatives of Dore & Whittier Architects Inc.