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A benzodiazepine drug, C18H13ClFN3, primarily used in its hydrochloride form as a sedative and antianxiety agent before surgery and before or during medical procedures.

[(i)midazol(e) + (diazep)am.]
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Noun1.midazolam - an injectable form of benzodiazepine (trade name Versed) useful for sedation and for reducing pain during uncomfortable medical proceduresmidazolam - an injectable form of benzodiazepine (trade name Versed) useful for sedation and for reducing pain during uncomfortable medical procedures
benzodiazepine - any of several similar lipophilic amines used as tranquilizers or sedatives or hypnotics or muscle relaxants; chronic use can lead to dependency


n midazolam m
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At 13, he was into cough syrup and tablets like Dormicum and Lagaflex.
They claimed that the sale of narcotic drugs like Valium, Kinz, Dormicum, Milam in injection form while Xenax and Laxotinol in tablet form was on the rise without proper prescription.
Certain new types of drugs have been found in students' possession of late, such as Dormicum (midazolam) which is prescribed for short-term treatment of sleep disturbance; Lyrica tablets used to control seizures and treat nerve pain; Legaflex (carisoprodol) used for thwarting the feeling of pain in the nerves and brain and as a sleeping pill.
They were divided into two groups of fifty each Group-A patients were given oral medication (Midazolan Dormicum 7.
com HEADCOUNT: 17,454 YEAR ESTABLISHED: 2005 PHARMA REVENEUS: $11,086 16% TOTAL REVENUES: $11,086 16% NET INCOME: $884 -2% R&D BUDGET: $1,862 20% DRUGS APPROVED DRUG INDICATION XTANDI advanced prostate cancer (enzalutamide) Suglat type 2 diabetes (Japan) Bisono Tape hypertension Dormicum sedation during surgery and dental, oral procedures Mycamine candin-type antifungal, pediatric DRUG PROGRAMS CANCELLED DRUG INDICATION ASP7487 linsitinib ovarian cancer ASP0306 lower urinary tract symptoms ASP9853 cancer DRUGS PENDING ASP7374 recombinant influenza HA vaccine enzalutamide metastatic castration-resistant (U.
The list includes Xanax, a batch of which was recently seized by authorities, as well as Viagra, Stilnox, Lorazepam and Dormicum.
The rats were anesthetized with an intraperitoneal injection of 70 mg/kg dormicum during the setting and adjustment of the orthodontic appliance.
Midazolam also goes by the brand names Versed, Dormicum and Hypnovel.