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Noun1.Dorothea Lange - United States photographer remembered for her portraits of rural workers during the Depression (1895-1965)Dorothea Lange - United States photographer remembered for her portraits of rural workers during the Depression (1895-1965)
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In a Rugged Land: Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and the Three Mormon Towns Collaboration, 1953-1954
In History as They Saw It: Iconic Moments from the Past in Color (Chronicle, $40, 284 pages, ISBN 9781452169507), Wolfgang Wild and Jordan Lloyd present 120 restored and colorized historical photos, from a well-known Dorothea Lange portrait to images of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and Civil War veterans playing cards.
Gibson covers a range of topics such as music, Catholicism, his wife, Mary Jane, and a long line of fellow artists and photographers such as Dorothea Lange and Robert Frank.
Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936.
Not far away is "Migrant Mother," Dorothea Lange's moving portrait of a destitute farmworker photographed in 1936 at a pea-pickers camp near Nipomo, California.
The Irish chapter closes with a meditation on the efficacy of the different famine memorials in Ireland and New York; the analysis of Gericault vaults ahead to Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, and a disagreement with Martha Rosler's pronouncement on depicting the Bowery in the 1970s.
Steve McCurry, photographer, Afghan Girl It almost doesn't matter whether viewers know the backstory of Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother (1936), of a mother and her children during the Depression, because the photo instantly reaches deep down into our souls and grabs us at a visceral level.
Through case studies of Dorothea Lange, Dorothy Richardson, Helen Levitt, Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, Lee Miller, and Margaret Monck, Sim sets out to establish the ethical value of attention, empathy, intersubjective relations, and intimacy in women's considerations of the everyday.
Choose from well-known photographers such as Dorothea Lange or search by topic for a wide range of fascinating photographs.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Keith Haring (May 4, 1958), Salvador Dali (May 11, 1904), Frank Stella (May 12, 1936), Jean Tinguely (May 22,1925), and Dorothea Lange (May 26, 1895).
Tragic images of the Dust Bowls desolate farmlands and destitute migrants were ingrained into the American consciousness by John Steinbeck's classic novel The Grapes of Wrath and by the iconic photos of Dorothea Lange.